Your website is your virtual shop front - it's where you welcome potential customers into your business and invite them in for a look around. It's your first and often only chance to make a lasting impression on new clients.

When I create a website I like to interview my clients to find out what is the mainstay of their business and what outcomes they want to achieve. Working together we have the tools to create a website that your clients find easy to navigate, informative and a pleasure to use.

Once inside your virtual shop or website, clients old and new must be able to find out what you are offering them. Finding your business is only one part of having a web presence, the other part is making it easy for your clients to access information, make contact and conduct business.

There are many facilities that you can incorporate into a website; galleries and porfolios, information, products, calendars and diaries,
an ecommerce store front, links to other websites and social media and mobile websites are just a few that you may need to consider.

I begin creating a website with a blank piece of paper - from here I note down all the ideas and possibilities that my client wants to incorporate.

We discuss the style and the scope that the website may need in the future.

Unlike print media websites are organic creatures that can grow when needed, they are flexible
and can be altered, updated and upgraded instantly. 

Imagine having that kind of control over how you can promote your business on a world wide scale.




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